September 9 2014

The urban landscape is so perfect for post-processing. I go through phases when I am out shooting of focusing and defocusing. I don’t really get caught up about the crispness of an image. If the image is well-composed and captures a moment or a feeling, this will emerge. If the image is not well-composed, no matter how crisp it is – no story can emerge. There are times images need to be in focus and others the freeing of that focus allows a freedom of interpretation that might not have existed.

Today’s DSLR image is a little like this. Find an interesting backdrop. Wait for passersby. Waiting is easy in a big city. This photography is easy. Make it easier – defocus and see how this distorted perception brings new life to the scene. See the limbs elongate, see the stride of passersby become bizarre. Now click to save this trick. Then safely escort that file home. Introduce it to your software and let them do their courting. The result:


Posted this yesterday on Instagram. I tend to post a shot a day on there too, but I am tiring of it. Ya, there are good shots appearing there and I have some good friends I interact with, but I think the screen is too small and the social aspect of it too limited, ironically by the large numbers of followers and large numbers you have to follow. Am pretty bored with Instagram.

Anyway, I digress. I like this iPhone shot. Here was this gentleman standing as still as lamppost amidst all the hustle and bustle of Shibuya. I like the light on his face.

Man in Shibuya does not care