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Learn with me. I have over 30 years of experience in education and I combine this with my love and passion for photography.

Brendan offers regular mobile photography and real camera workshops throughout the year in association with The Photo Museum of Ireland in Dublin and Cork’s Glucksman Gallery. These workshops are both in-person and online.

Brendan’s next workshops with the Photo Museum of Ireland are:

Smartphone Photography: How to get the most out of your smartphone camera

Next workshop with places available

Saturday, June 22nd – places available – click here to reserve place

Dublin Street Photography Workshop: Become a street photographer for the day and dive deep into the heart of the city on this new exciting Street Photography Workshop.


Limited places available

Saturday, March 9th Click here for more details.

Brendan has delivered workshops in many countries around the world such as England, Iceland, Lithuania, Scotland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Malaysia, Bali, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore.

Brendan has also trained journalists and he offers corporate photography workshops. Brendan has worked with Bord Gais Energy, SEAI, the Irish Health Service Executive, Mason, Hayes & Curran, Facebook, Google, PayPal and the Doyle Collection Hotels. Event-specific workshops are also offered. If you are interested a workshop, please use the contact page to connect with Brendan.

Next series of photography workshops:

Beyond the Basics – February, 2024 – SOLD OUT

Dublin Street Photography – March 9, 2024 – Limited places available (Check out what workshop is like)

Dublin Street Photography Festival – May 3rd – Limited places available

Mobile Photography Workshop – May 11, 2024 – SOLD OUT (check video out here)

Mobile Photography Workshop – May, 2024 – SOLD OUT

Dublin Street Photography – March 9th, 2024 – Limited places available

Mobile Photography Workshop – Aug 31st, 2024 – Places available

Dublin Street Photography – September 28th, 2024 – Places available



 Check out the great photographs participants from some of Brendan‘s recent online workshops this made in these two videos.

What are the workshops like? Click here to find out.

Coming from a teaching background, Brendan combines over 20 years of helping learners to maximise their learning potential with his passion for photography. This results in a dynamic, engaging and learning-centred experience for the participants, allowing them to immediately put into practice the tips and techniques that Brendan covers in his workshops.

What are the workshops like?

By the end of the session, you will have:

  • been given one-to-one feedback on the photographs to take;
  • become more confident in using your iPhone/Android camera and getting the most from it;
  • developed your eye for composition, light and content and have begun to think and see photographically;
  • become more aware of common mistakes that can occur when shooting and processing;
  • discovered some of the best apps out there for mobile photography;
  • learned how to master Snapseed when editing your photos and have photos to be proud of to share on your favourite social media platform; 
  • had opportunity to to put what you’ve been learning into practice each week and become part of the private online group where you can share your photos with fellow participants;
  • learnt of the best online resources for digital photography;
  • discovered how to increase your followers on Instagram and other social media platforms;
  • been given tips and ideas to help you continue your learning after the workshops;
  • made new like-minded friends who share your passion for photography;
  • become visually curious, visually excited and visually creative and producing photographs you are proud of. 

What do people say about Brendan’s workshops?

Would I recommend the workshops? Absolutely! They are relaxed and informative, it was an eye-opener on the power of smartphone photography. Imelda McDonagh

To sum up the workshops, I’d say they are challenging, insightful and motivating. Ana Leddy

I took Brendan’s iPhone photography workshop in the Glucksman and it opened up a whole new world of colour, movement and quirky ideas for me. Through his teachings and helpful advice, he taught us how to make the most of this nifty little gadget we call the iPhone to capture images that at first may seem relatively hum-drum but with processing take on a whole new life and meaning. This workshop is a must for people who underutilise their iPhone camera and those that are looking for something new to try.  Linda Curtin

The workshop gave me tips and skills to practise and explore with. The best part of the session was the personal attention, help with editing and getting to meet other photographers and enjoying the discussions on the day. Nicola Bessell

I would recommend the workshop because it is very informative and Brendan is very enthusiastic. I got a good grasp of how to use Snapseed for my iPhone photos. Emer Brady

I am taking away a great deal of confidence through Brendan’s patient teaching. I loved the way it all unfolded. It was brilliant not getting stuck because I didn’t understand. Everything was so carefully explained. Fran Woolf

Overall, I found the workshop very enjoyable, educational and also inspiring. Brendan’s workshop demonstrated that really great results can be achieved with just a few ingredients most of us have: a decent mobile phone camera, some cheap or free apps, and a bit of time to play around and learn. So don’t be afraid to just get out there, take some snaps, edit them and show the world. After all, everybody else is doing it! Ofer

It was well worth getting up at 3 a.m. to get to Dublin from Cambridge to attend Brendan’s workshop. Sir Cam, Cambridge.

The session was packed full of immediately helpful tips for people of any level. Jude Jarvis

“I am seriously considering not hauling my Nikon around as much anymore. I learnt so much on Saturday – the burst mode, taking Panaromas, composition hints, trying to have fun with different exposures. Snapseed is so easy to use – but maybe that’s because we were so well taught on the day.”  Maragaret O’ Shea.

Brendan is really clear and patient – his background in education shines through. – Imelda McDonagh

Brendan was so honest and refreshing about the art of photography and thoroughly appreciated his encouragement and commitment to sharing his knowledge. – Kate O’ Halloran
I would recommend the course because of Brendan’s enthusiasm & generosity in sharing his knowledge & expertise. – Hilary Tierney
The photographic tasks and review of same were great. – Sean Feehan
The workshops were challenging, insightful and motivating. – Ana Leddy

These workshops were featured in The Irish Times’ We love section.

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