September 8 2014

Today I will be mainly hiding from myself is a series of images I have been working on for a while now. The images, after post-processing, look so different and distance from the original. I do not start out with the intention to reduce and change them so dramatically, but the emerging images seems to be so right. The title I give these images came to me so quickly when I went to post the first one on Flickr. The characters do not want to be seen and the blur conceals but reveals at the same time. They remind me of depression. There are times you want to hide away from the world, not make eye contact, not be seen, to just dissolve and to hide yourself from yourself (if that makes sense).

Today I will be mainly hiding from myself

The iPhone image is similar in theme. There are times we do not want to be seen. City life is like this. We are immersed in crowds. Often alone. Fully visible, but wanting to be unseen, anonymous. Here are some other iPhone images with a similar theme.

photo (24)
Today I will be mainly hiding from myself

On a side note, despite the gloomy tone of this post. I am feeling quite cheerful and enthused about the week ahead. The sun is shining and I have energy.

Here’s to a good week.