November 4 2014

I try to get people in to my shots. This one here, taken in Copenhagen, is an example of waiting and no one comig to fill your frame. Copenhagen has wonderful street art. The city is in the process of constructing a new underground rail line and as a result much of the city has boarded up areas where the work is taking place. And where there are boards, people will want to use them to express themselves.

I was cycling along and came across this scene and it looked like a fine location to get a few shots. I got off the bike, propped it up against a wall and set about trying to get a nice shot of the scene. Copenhagen is a large city and most of the time I never had to wait long for someone to pass. However, in this location time seemed to stand still and not a soul crossed. Usually, I click one frame to get an idea of how I want to create the shot. This is that photograph. Now, looking at it, I would have loved if someone had walked in front of me to give depth to the shot, but still I like it.


Sunlight in the eyes and a lost solution. This is the iPhone image for today.

Sunlight solution