November 5 2014

Choices. Life is difficult when there are choices. And without choices life is not worth living.

Using Lightroom for post processing gives you millions of options. Literally. There are presets and so many sliders to drag. The combinations are endless. Very often when processing I rush to finish, getting to a point where I find myself saying – enough! Usually, the main choice is either to process the image in black and white or leave it in colour.

I have this series of images I took while in Copenhagen that I really like, but I just do not know what way to go with them. I have not posted on Flickr somedays in the recent past because I am frustrated as to how to present these shots. Sometimes, I am in black and white and content and then I click and the colours appear and I say to myself I cannot have these without the colours. I work through the images and after about three or four of them I have to leave it because I get vexed. No matter what I do, no matter how I process these images I am not satisfied. I keep thinking they could be done differently and because of that I just want to leave them; even delete them.

This has not happened before. Usually, post processing is swift and pleasing; the part of the photographic process I enjoy. The work has been done and you work with what you have. But this little series…

Here is a version. I may delete this later today. I may post the whole series in the coming days or they may never see the light of a Flickr day.


And then there is my favourite child: The iPhone. It never causes me such distress. It sings and dances for me. iPhunography! I was so delighted to find that when I wanted to change my Instagram handle @nadnerb (brendan in reverse) that the first name I wanted had not been taken. Over a 100 million Instagram users and nobody thought of the name iPhunography. To me it is so obvious. Fun +iPhone + Photography = iPhunography!