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Clare versus Tipp

Down the pairc again. Been a while since there was a match in Cork, but today saw the newly-refurbished stadium packed as Clare and Tipperary battled it out to see who would qualify for the All-Ireland semi-final. The game was no classic. Clare squandered chance after chance and Tipp without ever really hitting the heights managed to get over the line with an impressive 28 points.

Enjoyed the afternoon down there. Here are some shots.

Tipp yahoos not sure where the hell they are

Larry Mackey

A steward with the right idea

In we go

The new Pairc Uí Chaoimh

Stop phoning my camera



A mother’s nightmare

All to play for

Or maybe not

Tipp win

Home we go

Some bedtime reading



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Rebel Street Photography

Met up with the good folk of Cork’s Rebel Street Photography group on Saturday to give a street photography workshop to their members.

In preparing for the workshop it was fun to look back through images I had made here in Cork. Made me think I need to get out more and shoot in my hometown.



I have given talks and workshops in various parts of the world and shared the stage with some big lights in street photography, but for some reason I was very nervous for this workshop. Maybe because it was in my own backyard. But like most things in life that you get worked up about, it never turns out to be as bad as you have made out in your head. 

Hitting the streets with Cork’s Rebel Street Photography group

I’ve been working on putting together a series of portraits shot on iPhone. This has led to a change in approach for me. Instead of looking for candid moments, I am now enjoying engaging with people, getting to know them a little as I make their portraits.

Linda and her dog Bud

A man from Tyrone

Kofi from Ghana

Andre from Italy



Nothing but the truth in this, boy

The People’s Paper

Bam Artist Artiste

Bam Artist Artiste

Bam Artist Artiste

You can learn more about Bam Artist Artiste here. 

Big thanks again to all in the Rebel Street Photography group, particularly Stela who was absolutely brilliant in making the workshop happen!

Rebel Street Photography Group

Kiss the future…


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Cork: Munster Hurling Champions 2017

A Sunday in Thurles in July. The Munster Hurling Final. The hurlers of Cork and Clare ready for battle. The sun breaking through the clouds. The crowd anxious and excited. The unknown awaits. This is the stuff of dreams.

Cork versus Clare. Munster Hurling Final 2017. (shot on iPhone)

I fell asleep as a child dreaming of the stories my father told me at the foot of my bed of the glories of the Cork hurlers. From these stories and from going to matches with my dad through the years, Cork hurling has always been one my greatest loves in life. In recent years we have had to watch from a distance as our great rivals Kilkenny and Tipp racked up All-Irelands. This has not been easy. Yesterday, in Thurles was a chance to put things right. I’ve travelled to many’s the game through the years and Cork supporters travel in large numbers, but yesterday was one of the best. Walking around Thurles before the game it was amazing to see just how many Cork people had made the trip up from Cork for the final.

Up for the match

A few pints before the game

Thurles before the match

What way will the game go?

Taking it easy before throw in

Taking it all in

Rebel support

Thurles before the match

The Rebels

The Banner

Getting into the stadium and seeing it awash with red and hearing the rebel roar was electrifying. We were back, but we had to win. The Cork minors set the tone with a great win, beating the Clare minor.

Cork support in the stadium

Ready for action

Cork management team: Kieran Kingston and Diarmuid O’ Sullivan

The game itself was no classic, but it was not short on excitement. Both sides will look back at this game and think they can, and need to, do better. Cork led throughout the game. The early goal from Alan Cadogan and a string of points from Pat Horgan saw Cork lead at half-time and even though Clare got to within two points of Cork when Conor McGrath scored a great goal, Cork had enough to rally and run out five point winners at the end.

Getting close to the final whistle

The Cork line waiting for the final whistle

And there it is! The ref blows it up and Cork are Munster Champions for 2017.

And with that and with thousands of other jubilant Cork fans I stormed the pitch.








Alan Cadogan

Man of the Match: Alan Cadogan who still had time to sign autographs for fans

Cork goalkeeper: Anthony Nash


Clare fans still flying the flag


And on it goes. Five weeks to the All-Ireland semi-final. The dream continues….







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Shandon Street Festival

Beautiful sunshine in Cork today for the Shandon Street Festival. Headed up there with fellow Cork photographers Johnathan Leahy Majaraj, Dee McCaffrey, Gerry O’Riordan, and Tim Bingham who may not be from Cork, but is an honorary Corkman.

Shandon Street is home to the iconic Shandon Steeple and is the symbol of Cork. You cannot come to Cork and not visit to ring its bells and climb to its top for the magnificent panoramic view of the city.

The following photos are of the scene, the crowd and some of the characters of the day. They were all shot on iPhone and processed on Snapseed.



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24 Hour Project Cork

24 hours on the streets making photos? Sign me up!

And off we go into the night…

What? What is it all about?
The 24 Hour Project gathers street and documentary photographers from around the globe to share in real time as they document the human condition of their city. Photographers share one photo per hour during twenty four hours. It has been running for three years and gathering momentum each year as it grows.
What is the idea behind it? Well, to get out and document your city over a 24-hour period. Why? To raise awareness of worthy causes. Last year it was human trafficking and this year it was the refugee crisis.

It was quite quiet on the streets of Cork

So, how did it work out in Cork? I retweeted a tweet from the Renzo Grande the founder saying we should do it in Cork. And we did!
And I got to say it was definitely the most fun I have had on a Friday night in Cork – sober! (was really a Saturday, but felt like a very long Friday night)
Laughed so much with Tim Bingham, Dee McCaffrey, and Judie Russell, and later on with Jonathan Leahy Maharaj and Martin on the streets of Cork.
Shot loads on both iPhone and my trusty Nikon D7000.
Big thanks to Renzo Grande and big admiration too. What a noble and worthwhile idea. Can only see this get bigger and bigger.
Here’s to next year…

Had to run into the middle of the road to get this shot. Thankfully I had had a few ristrettos

Another lone guy cycling home

Snapping the snapper (Tim)

A couple passing over Nano Nagle Bridge

So interesting to see the herons arrive at the English Market at 05:30 to get fed

A view to City Hall as sunrise approaches

And the City Hall reflecting in the River Lee

An early morning view of the Holy Trinity

The Port of Cork

Jesus heals broken hearts
(Doctors heal everything else that’s broken – the sign on the doctor’s surgery to left below the main sign)

The River Lee

Parliament Bridge

The Hoy Trinity

The Holy Trinity

Into to the light of the new day

Oliver Plunkett Street


Getting ready for the new day

Hurdy Gurdy Man

Wouldn’t be Cork without some rain

And the people who made it so much fun: Tim, Judie and Dee

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Holi – Festival of Colours

After a week of rain the sun came out, as it should, for Holi – Festival of Colours in the grounds of University College Cork, yesterday morning. I put on my best old clothes and headed down to get in the thick of things and shoot some of the action. It was an absolute blast.

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. March 11, 2017. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. March 11, 2017. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. March 11, 2017. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. March 11, 2017. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. March 11, 2017. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. March 11, 2017. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. March 11, 2017. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. March 11, 2017. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. March 11, 2017. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. March 11, 2017. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Holi – Festival of Colours, UCC. March 11, 2017. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)

Shower and scrub time

Like these photos? Check out my gallery from India.

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Best of 2015

It has become tradition at this time of year to look back at the shots I posted to Flickr and choose my favourite 12 – one from each month, for both my Flickr accounts. I have been doing this for the past number of years. You can see the past five years in this Flickr album for DSLR photographs.

This year has been a little different. I have posted far fewer images to Flickr than previous years. In 2014, I posted over 600 photographs to Flickr between my two accounts. This year, just under 200 to both. Why the change? Not sure. Maybe time. It is a time-consuming endeavour to post each day two photographs.

Anyway, it is something I enjoy to look back at the images posted each month and see my photographic journey of the past year. Some shots just jump out at me and have no competition in being selected and then for others I chop and change my mind a lot before settling on an image. Am sure the ones I choose may not be the ones you would. Why not let me know in the comments below.

January, saw me continue with an ongoing series of images: The pip-pop life span of worries.



In February, I lost a close friend – Liam. This is not a photograph of him, but the pose reminds me of him when he danced – the sexy motherfucker. Miss ya; every day…



March: Shot in Cork with the Fuji X100T.



April: I spent 4 days in Tokyo and when I was not sleeping or working, I was on the streets shooting. Another shot with the Fuji X100T.



Another from Tokyo for May. Another blurred image.



June saw me go to Porto as part of my winning the Mira Mobile Prize. This image is titled: Rehearsing for a date.



Back to Tokyo for July and another image I titled: Rehearsing for a date



To Tokyo again for August. What a location Shibuya is! How magical it is in the night rain.



Becoming clear how much I love Tokyo. September:



In October, I had a very quick visit to the Tate Modern. This appeared in front of me.

21591219854_1951cdebba_h (1)


Some things you can’t go. I still love these bokeh heads and still believe I will create the image the series deserves.



Bringing the series to an end and I will cheat a little. This is a photo I shot in Kenmare on December 29th. It is my wife. Without her the lights go out. With her by my side, everything is possible. Kiss the future…



A review of iPhone photography for 2015 tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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Can I take your photo?

“Can I take your photo?”

It’s not something I find easy to ask. Take this situation I found myself in last Tuesday morning while waiting for a bus in Cork’s city centre. It was about 10 a.m. Town was quiet. There were a few people heading to work, some early-morning shoppers, delivery people doing their jobs, and then this striking character sitting on an electric fuse box outside a shoe shop. Wow!

Cork: August 2015

Cork: August 2015

Looking at it now, I am annoyed with myself. How did I miss the reflection? Usually, I am more aware than this. Another great opportunity lost. Anyway, this striking looking man was sitting; killing time. I was struggling. Should I ask him straight to take his portrait or be discreet and get a candid image? Hesitating, I furtively shot a few frames of him. I pretended to be looking in the shop window. I got a little braver and got another one or two of him, but all the while I just wanted to turn and tell the man that I found him fascinating and wanted to create a portrait of him. Street photography is difficult and, for me, even more difficult in my hometown. Put me outside Cork and I am much braver. Ya, I will rarely stop and ask someone for their portrait, but I will get down on my knees in front of them and shoot a frame or two. Nothing bad ever happens. But in Cork… I don’t know.

Cork: August 2015

Cork: August 2015

Cork: August 2015

Cork: August 2015

It was this shot, with him looking at his gold watch which got me. There he was, this man with a beard, grown over years, clothes aged and worn to their last and a gold watch that would not lie to him. I had the shot I wanted, but still I felt a need to connect with him; to thank him maybe, but in the short time I was there with him, we never once made eye contact; I never felt him aware of me. And then my bus came and the moment was gone.

On the bus, I began to kill time with my favourite pastime – processing images. I began to work on the shot above using Darkroom. I am growing more and more fond of that app. I have the alpha version of the yet-to-be-released version and it is great. What I love about it is that you do not need to import anything; when you open it all your photographs are there. The alpha version has some beautiful preset filters. If you have not tried it -rush to the app store. Your photos will love you for it. I ran the shot through it and this is conversion.

Cork: August 2015 (Processed with Darkroom)

Cork: August 2015 (Processed with Darkroom)

I cropped it to square to get rid of the distracting surrounds, did a little work on the contrasts, a little on curves (ya, it has curves) and this is the result. But I was not happy with the left side of the image – thinking it detracted from the main focus of the man. iPhone photography is great. Solutions are easily found. Snapseed has a great tool – brushes. I knew that I could isolate my character with the exposure brush – that and the vignette tool. Working on it on a moving bus is not the best idea, though. I worked a little on it, but finished it when I arrived at my mother’s house. While it is OK, I still want to do more on it. Things are never perfect.

Cork: August 2015 (Processed with Snapseed and Darkroom)

Cork: August 2015 (Processed with Snapseed and Darkroom)

I will revisit this image. The crop needs to be readjusted. There is too much negative space at the bottom of the image and the execution around the edges should be finessed more. A little project to work on. I rarely spend a long time on post processing. Usually my edits are rapid. Two to five minutes max. But this one, I will persevere with. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

I really would have loved to have asked him if I could take his portrait. I would love to find him again. Learn a little about him. Thank him.




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Coming back to old photographs

When I was in London for the Meet the iPhone Photographer event back in April, one of the questions put to me by an audience member was if I could reshoot a photograph which one would it be? My immediate response was that I did not know; it wasn’t something I spent time thinking about. But with a little time to gather my thoughts I realised that I would revisit every shot and I doubt if I would want to replicate anything in the process. Every photograph is a small step in the learning how to become a better photographer.

Do photographs change over time? Do you miss something in a shot when looking at it the first time around? I am not so sure. But with time we do see things differently. Often photographs will sit overlooked in my iPhoto library (I use this for storing – Lightroom for processing) once I have selected the handful I want to work with for processing. Time will pass and often by chance I will open up the folder and it never ceases to surprise me how images I had glossed over now get my attention. What is that happens?

Over the next couple of months I have set myself objectives in things I want to get done. One of these is to get order into the way I store and categorise my images. It is chaotic at the moment. So much so, that in May I lost over a thousand images when I inadvertently deleted a desktop folder connected to Lightroom. The lesson has been learned.

Over the next number of weeks I will be going back over old folders, pulling out old, overlooked images. Should be fun. Should be informative. I know it will get me back into the groove of that imitate – assimilate – innovate cycle.

Here is an image taken in March. The guy in the image is Michael Kistler. The location is up on Richmond Hill in Cork. The view is Cork’s northside. The church steeples can be made out – but not sufficiently. And that is good – because it obliges me to get back up there and shoot again. All part of the learning process.


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February 16 2015

Well, I think this must be the final image from Shibuya at night. To get so many shots from one location at the same time is unusual. And the great thing about it is that I have learnt a lot from these images. I can do better.

Shibuya Forever

Shibuya Forever


This iPhone image was taken yesterday in Cork. This very cool, young girl was getting some privacy as she checked her phone. An innovative way to use hair!



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