September 30 2014

I got the new iPhone 6 yesterday and today my thumb is paining me. To navigate the bigger screen is not that easy. To get a good grip on the phone is not that easy and I am thinking to get good shots on the street will not be that easy. The iPhone 5 fitted perfectly in my hand and all areas of the screen were reachable with my thumb. This new iPhone 6 requires a little readjusting to reach those areas. I suppose with a little time I will get more used to it. I have taken one or two snaps of family with the camera and there is a noticeable improvement in picture quality. But the quality will only be noticeable when I feel comfortable with its size. Perhaps Apple should consider developing the iThumb; a fit-on extendable addition to your existing undersized-for-this-digital age thumb.

From thumbs to feet, here is an image I took on a subway train in Daegu, Korea. I like titles a lot. I think clever titles can add to an image and elevate the impact to another level. Conversely, poor titles limit a viewer’s imagination by corralling them into focussing on one aspect of the image to the detriment of others. When I am posting photographs, I think about titles. Sometimes they scream out at me and no time is lost. Other times, I take a little time just staring at the image and titles come. And then there are the times when nothing comes. These times, I usually give a location as the title. Lately, some photographs have been given the same title – as they are being worked into a series of images, such as Committed to the Future, This Nagging Knowingness, Today, I will be mainly hiding from myself, and my favourite – Trees need to cheer the fuck up! They do really!

When I took the iPhone shot below I had the title as soon as I saw it on the phone. Defeated in Musical Chairs.

Defeated in Musical Chairs

A little bit of mystery with my DSLR shot today. Taken in Kyoto after dark.