September 29 2014

Autumn is fully installed now. Mornings arrive later and night falls that bit earlier each day. It is my least favourite time of year. I feel a tightness in my chest as winter gets its grips. Darkness, so much darkness. Gloom and decaying greyness.

What is needed is early morning jazz music to soothe us slowly into the rhythm of the new week. Back to work for me today. Back to work after a long break. Always difficult to readjust. Am listening to  – Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – Moanin’. And already I am feeling less – less what? Less everything.

Slow release melancholy

To accompany this dour and dull image of a rainy Tokyo I have chosen an iPhone image of a tree in the rain. And we all know what trees should do. They should cheer the fuck up.

Have a moderately acceptable Monday. Prepare yourself for disappointment.

Trees need to cheer the fuck up