October 1 2014

A new month. Three quarters of 2014 has passed. Time flies and all that. Back to work this week and all good so far.  As for the new iPhone – it is slippy! I need to get a case with a good grip. I would love to get a case with a strap, so that when I am out shooting the iPhone versus Gravity battle is negated. Being back at work allows me to get those images of students walking around the corridors. I wanted to see how I could blur things up with the new camera. There is such an obsession to stabilise images that blurring photographs gets harder and harder. Got this one with the new iPhone this morning and I like it. No straight lines in this and it unsettles me a little. Has a punctuation feel to it, hence the ! title.

¡ – !

Promises. This image below brings back memories of promises – promises made and promises kept. It is taken in the Park Hyatt Hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo. This was the hotel made famous by Lost in Translation. The views from this hotel are breathtaking. The bills in this hotel are also breathtaking. But having a few drinks in the American Bar & Grill with good friends – priceless.