October 27 2014

It is funny how after a few days of posting photographs that are fully in focus to Flickr, that I get restless and need to blur things up. It’s a bit like playing Abba songs and singing along to them and realising it is a little embarrassing and then trying to be cool all over again by putting on some punk rock. So here comes The Dead Kennedys!

The funny things is that I was not able to find a wall in Copenhagen; a wall with a single colour to provide a backdrop for pedestrians passing. The image today is greatly processed from the original to arrive at the bare remains. Working on it last night, I gave it the title “The Weight of Other People”. And from that title came a poem, which is not fully finished yet. The guy below is solitary, isolated from others in the scene, but he carries their weight. In life, surround yourself with positive people. Cut ties with those who drag you down. Not the easiest thing to achieve.

The Weight of Other People


I took a number of photographs like this iPhone image with the DSLR while in Copenhagen. They are just so much fun to do. Head west, head late in the evening on a sunny day. Find a zebra crossing and wait until the pedestrians come. The rest takes care of itself.

The swell and rest of heaving hope