August 26 2014

These two elegantly dressed ladies standing in the rain engrossed in conversation got my attention immediately. Intriguing to think what their story is. I got two shots of them. The second I will post tomorrow. Really the shots need to be seen together. Very often with street shots, I think the initial shot, caught candidly is interesting, but a second a moment after they realise they have been photographed would also be great to see.

Everything there is to know is constantly being revised


One of the things I like about Korea is encountering old guys who will shout greetings at you in their best American English. ‘Hey, buddy, how you doing!?’ Hearing this unexpectedly is so cool when you realise it is coming from an old guy who is across the street from you. The guy in the photo here shouted across at me and gave me a big wave. We met half-way, shook hands and continued on our way. I had expected a little more, to be honest. But I guess the greeting was the only English he had; the only English he learned from his time with American servicemen in the Korean war. You get to see a lot of elderly gentlemen like this man. All are dressed so well. It makes you think about them as young men in a war with their own countrymen. It makes you think of those young men who never had the chance to become old men.

The good fortune to grow old