August 25 2014

Lightroom. Fantastic software for editing photographs, but scary if you move the locations of the folders where you store the photos. Last night, I decided to tidy up my cluttered desktop. The way I work with photos is that I use iPhoto for storage and mainly Lightroom and sometimes Snapseed for editing. When I want to work on a shot I drag it from iPhoto to Lightroom. I also use Snapseed for editing and this creates folders on the desktop. Why, I do not know or understand. Anyway, imagine my horror when I opened up Lightroom after my reorganising the desktop and clicked on a photo and the ‘cannot locate the image’ warning appeared! Appeared on over 400 images. I freaked. I googled. I searched. I located the missing folder and have vowed never to mess with it again.

Something similar happened when I used to upload directly from Lightroom to Flickr. I remember editing a photo I had posted to Flickr and reposting it and losing all the faves and comments I had accrued on the original posting. Another time, I deleted by accident an image in LR and it disappeared from Flickr. Now, I export to a desktop folder before uploading. Lesson: Do not trust Lightroom with uploading.

I am posting the last image of the series of With the slowest of jazz music playing. I have another 4 or 5 images to add to the series, but I find interest in the same type of images dwindles after about 4 photographs. I am posting the other images here on the blog and maybe sometime in the future I will post the others to Flickr also.

With the slowest of jazz music playing [4]
The iPhone photograph is distortion. An effort to recreate what I was seeing. Very often I am asked what I use for blur or to blur the images on the iPhone. I lower the camera, finger on the shutter and quickly lift it and release the image captured is blurred. You can see more of my technique explained in this video.

Have a good week. Thanks for all the visits.

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