September 3 2014

Reading my friend Mark’s comment yesterday made me a little jealous. I would love to be heading back to Japan. It really is one of my favourite places on the planet. Since I have been back I have been annoyed with myself that I did not stay out later and/or get up earlier to take advantage of the time there to get more shots. In saying that, I did take hundreds, but I cannot help thinking of all those photos that I missed.

This is the second of the series of photos taken last at night at Shibuya Scramble Crossing. In this one, you can see the character a little more closely and see how animated he was. I got a great kick out of this. The effect to get the blur is a zoom blur. Defocus and set your focus if that makes sense. Then as you snap zoom as quickly as you can. It is a fun way to get some shots. And what is photography if it is not fun.

Tokyo Nights [2]

And talking about fun; nothing funner than iPhunography. It gets harder and harder to get good blur images on the iPhone with all the panic for image stabilisation. The disregard for blur photographers is so disheartening. This was taken in an eki (Japanese for station – a very helpful word to know as the districts in Tokyo all centre around the eki). I covered the lens with my finger and as I hit the shutter I pulled my finger away.