September 27 2014

My parents are fifty three years married and fifty five years together. They married at the average age for their generation, an age which would be considered crazy for today’s generation. I, myself, got married when I was 38 and in hindsight it was about the right age. If I reach the milestone of fifty three years of marriage, I will be 91 years old. Wow! When we see young couples demonstratively showing affection for each other in public, it is slightly irritating, but when we see an elderly couple displaying affection there is a such a tenderness to their love. A love that has withstood the storms of time. I am truly blessed to see the love my parents  share through the years. I have few real ambitions in life, but one would be to raise my family with my wife by my side and for the love we share to deepen and strengthen. If I could inherit one thing from my parents, it would be the key to a happy marriage. This is probably not something I will inherit, rather something I have grown up in and been a part of.


The iPhone image brings us back to Daegu, Korea. Taken of a girl on a bus. The reflections and the eye contact. Have a good weekend!

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