Rehearsing for a date

Giving photographs titles is a bit like what Bob Dylan said about songwriting: If it rhymes, it rhymes, if it don’t, it don’t. If it comes, it comes, if it won’t, it won’t. Sometimes, I just look at the image and the title comes so easily; other times I just have to title the shot with the location it was taken in because no title comes and it is better to have none than a title that will make me cringe later on.

Today, I posted a pair of images to Flickr with the title ‘rehearsing for a date’. I have many little photographic projects on the go and this is one of them. These images show people on their own in places commonly popular for dating couples. Sometimes, titles can add to images, but very often the old adage addition is dilution is true. Hope it is not the case here.

Rehearsing for a date (Porto)
Rehearsing for a date (Tokyo)