September 26, 2023

Blur will save the world!

Shooting blur is often my reaction to not getting the shot. Street photography is frustration. If you see it, it is too late. So often I see the perfect scene and scenario only for it to disappear in the instant I see it. I wait and hope it recreates itself, but so very rarely does it. I move on with that scene etched in my mind; burning.

You do know, you miss all the shots you miss. 

There is so little you can control on the street when shooting candid. You cannot ask that person to look this way again, or just upturn their hands in disbelief one more time. No. You just need to get better at anticipating the moment, and you need to multiply your opportunities by shooting more. 

Blur gives some of the control back. You make the decision to distort; to hide the flaws of composition and the mismatch of moment. 

And you throw yourself into the game of photographic fortune, all the while knowing blur will save the world.

Late night in September, Madrid: 2023