September 25 2023

Continuing with my new year’s resolution – started on September 17, 2023, I am going to blog more.

One of the things I did back in the day, the days of Flickr, was to post two photos a day. One to my main Flickr account and one to my iPhone account. I would give the blog titles the dates of posting and I would write about the photos, write about what I was feeling or experiencing or write poetry or short stories. 

I stopped. 

I think Instagram was one of the things which messed it up. But it’s too easy to blame Instagram, isn’t it? We all do. 

So, I am going to restart things. Post some images – and I have thousands – in the past 4 months alone, I would say I have close on 10k images from trips and the shots I just shoot day on day. 

My motivation in this is singular. Discipline, routine, habit, result. I know the outcome I want. 

Let’s go.

 I lived in Spain when I was a young man. Its rhythm got into my soul. I feel so at home in Spain. 30 years since I lived there, but still I find I am fluent in the language, and while I love the theatre of being in locations where I speak nor understand a word of what is being said, I love the full cultural immersion I have in Spain. 

Madrid. Friday evening in early September. Malasaña. Tapas y cañas; la calle y las fotos.Two photos from that evening. The first is of a colourful scene that attracted me. The lights of the shop spilling onto the pavement. I set up my frame and I waited for the parts of the photographic puzzle to take form. In big capital cities you do not need to wait long before the human element obliges and enters your frame. 


The second is a straight up architecture shot against the blue, blue sky of Madrid.