October 26, 2023

Street photography: they say if you see it, it is too late. So often that is exactly the case. There is so little you can control in street photography when you are trying to capture unguarded human moments. So many moments are noticed, but go unshot.

One lesson I have learnt is to wait and see if moments can transpire again. Mostly, they don’t, but sometimes, things like gesticulations do, particularly if there are people engaged in conversation. Embraces, not so much.

This couple, bathed in the warm, soft light of a late morning in early October in Valencia was one such moment. I saw them ahead of me, wrapped in each other’s arms. This intimate, but public moment I could not help intruding on as I approached them. I had the iPhone in my hand, and conscious of respecting their moment, I did not want to go snap, snap, snap as I passed. I slowed my pace and tried to take in more of the scene. As I passed, I took one shot.