Semi-colons are funky sister-in-laws

If you pursue creative expression, beginnings are what you crave.  The title of my blog is photographic punctuation. Being a lover of words and a lover of images, the idea that photography punctuates things hit me. Punctuation. In a way, that is what photography is. It is life captured and punctuated. It provides or places visually full stops, question marks, exclamation marks and and nearly always – ellipsis (those three dots that tell us things are unfinished); it is visual intonation.

At home, one Friday night, late and after a little wine, I began work on the photo below. It is a simple shot. A person passing by. With a little sliding in Lightroom, the final rendition was posted to Flickr. Once uploaded, the subject reminded me of an exclamation mark (I am not sure if the little wine I had consumed contributed to this). From that came the title and from that came this little ditty:

Commas, not unlike under-fed cousins, are to be avoided if uncertainty arises. Full stops are to be known as periods; periods as full stops. Semi-colons are funky sister-in-laws, lewd, in undressed tights; ready to be resisted. Exclamations marks are not indelible, but caution is advised. Capitalise correctly at all times. 
Photographic punctuation is not disguised. Kiss it!

And from that a whole series of images began. A series I am still pursuing.  And here it is – number 6 in a week of my some of my personal favourites.

photographic punctuation