October 25 2014

Two photographs from Copenhagen again. Strong sunlight. The iPhone image is different from the one I am posting to Flickr. If you click on the image you can contrast them. Often when processing you arrive at a stage and you just want to stop. I tend not to slide as much as I used to. The latest DSLR images are processed using Lightroom where they a re converted to B+W, then contrasts and highlights are played with a little and that’s it. For the iPhone images, I employ similar processing on Snapseed. But times curiosity gets the better of me and after saving a version of the image I continue to push out contrasts to see how far things can go.

Here are two other versions – click on the images to bring you to the Flickr version. Let me know which you prefer.

Two new truths [2]
Two new truths [1]
The DSLR image is again from the main shopping street soaked in late evening sunshine.

Mapping a path