Janine Graf and The New Yorker Magazine

When time passes and the excitement of being part of the Apple World Gallery is over, the things that will stay with me will be the kindness of people and the genuine happiness that people shared with me in this experience.

I am in the process of trying to write about my ‘shot on iPhone 6’ experience and I know the angle I will be taking. The story of how people whom I have been friends with online and some whom I have never met went out of their way to send me photos of my image on display in different locations or went and bought a publication and mailed it to me.
This is what Janine Graf did. She saw that my image was on the back of the New Yorker and she went, bought and mailed it to me. It arrived this morning and you know it is a great honour to have my photo on the back of such a prestigious and popular magazine, but what brought the biggest smile to my face was the little card Janine had put inside. Now, I am a big fan of Janine’s creative photography and have been for quite a while. So, to get a postcard of her winning image in last year’s Mira Mobile Prize is special in the package she sent me is really special.
Sure, I have the magazine and without doubt I am proud of that, but it is the story surrounding it which I will recall with pleasure in years to come.
Janine, you are a wonderful woman. I won’t forget this kindness.
My Shot on iPhone 6 image in the New Yorker
Postcard from the great Janine Graf