Fun for everyone, but not for me

We thought we would take the group therapy to a new level. It was not my idea. I was never one for ideas, well not new ones. Often, just to be awkward, I would propose an opposing idea, especially if it was the leader who was proposing it. But this idea I just knew would be fun. Not fun in the fun sense of the word, but fun in the sense that I would have fun! This crazy idea to take our group on a bus tour just could not end in anything but tears.
To begin with, because of a problem with the rental booking, we got the bus at 9 in the evening instead of 9 in the morning. Apparently the online booking had a pm and am drop down menu, which our leader had not noticed. When this came to light we were offered the chance to cancel the booking and make a new one, but it would have to a be one week later. In his wisdom, the leader decided it was best to go with the original date.
So, on a late evening in early November our little group gathered at the pick-up point to set out on our bus tour. Bus tour may not be the best term to describe what we were embarking on. The idea was to take our group therapy session on the road. The thinking behind this, according to the leader, was there would be no escape (his actual words). We could not just run out the door or request to go to the bathroom when it came to our turn to share with the group. No, we would all be on the bus and we would all have to contribute.
When the bus arrived we were glad to get in out of the cold and rain. The leader sat in the front seat, his voice bellowing out through the bus microphone, welcoming us all on board.
– Let the fun begin. I said as I sat down in the seat opposite him.
Little did I know how much fun laid in store. Fun for everyone, but not for me.

Fun for everyone, but not for me