Distances in blur

Sometimes you can hit on a style or a theme by chance. This series of shots was taken in November in Cork city centre. I was in town with both cameras eager to get new shots. It was a grey, murky day with poor light. I know some photographers like this low, dim light saying colours are in their most natural. My good friend, Randy is like that. Woody Allen is another who loves to shoot on cloudy days. You don’t get to see a lot of sun in his films. Not for me, give me sunshine over dull days any time. I was wandering around snapping merrily with the iPhone, but the DSLR was not getting much action. The iPhone can be held in one hand, concealed in the palm quickly and now with the option to rotate in Instagram you don’t even have to have it facing up to take a shot. You can hold it sideways and rotate it later. All so easy, all so efficient, unobtrusive and fun. The DSLR is big, it’s bulky and its intent is so clear. I was about to leave town when the facade of a building caught my eye. Not sure as to why it did, but the texture, the tone, the colour grabbed me. I stopped opposite and composed the frame, fully in focus. As I was doing it passersby passed by right into the frame as I was clicking. Initially I was a little annoyed at this, but when I looked at the results and saw the blurred out figures, I knew I was on to something.

I waited, nervously camera in hand, thinking about what people would be thinking about seeing me with the camera, there – just waiting. When in foreign countries I find this sort of thing so much easier, but in my hometown – it is hard. Anyway, being a Saturday afternoon in the city centre it was not too long before people began to pass. I took about 8 shots of this spot and the four here are my favourites. This is a style I like. Last Friday, I tried to get more of this type of shots. I may post them on Flickr during the week. Have a good Sunday. Thanks for reading. You can see more of my blur stuff here.