August 30 2014

The process I go through when I am out shooting is very simple. I try to get straight up, in-focus street photographs with both the DSLR and the iPhone and then after a while I come across a scene or location that just screams for distortion. Usually, dramatic colourful backgrounds  get my attention. I mean, looking at the shot below, how could I not want to blur it up and transform this scene?

Dental Distractions

This was taken in Dublin city centre. There is very little post-processing done on the image, except for a little sliding on contrasts and saturation.

The iPhone photograph is one of those straight up, in-focus street photographs of a guy whose skinny frame and stance caught my eye. It is another shot taken in Dublin earlier this month. Nothing really special about the shot, but I like the guy’s positioning and the green colour.


Have a nice Saturday. Thanks for all the visits.