August 11 2014

Today, I am continuing with the series of blurred and bleached out passersby taken in a burst in Daegu, South Korea. This first image screamed to be shot. I had found my backdrop of a boarded up store and now all I had to do was to wait for people to walk by and for me to fill the frame. This girl, fashionably attired in wonderful contrasting blacks and whites came into the frame. Photographic serendipity! I love it when it happens.

I processed this in Snapseed, increasing the brightness, playing a little with contrast and levels.

A Daegu Delight

The iPhone photo is another in the series of cool elderly Korean dudes. This guy in the hat – hats make for such cool images – was waiting for a bus. I got as close as I could and snapped with the iPhone. I like his gaze and elegance. There is such grace in these old Korean men. Grace and wisdom.

photo (4)
Bus Schedules

It’s a new week. Have a good one.