Trees need to cheer the fuck up

I love trees. There is something so attractive about them for me. I love the fact that they are fixed to the ground and grow towards the sun. That their leaves form, change colour, cover the branches, obscure the light, and then change colour again and fall to the ground. As a child every tree would invite me to climb them. In autumn there were apple and pear trees that would magically have food hanging from the branches. Birds make their homes in trees, raising and rearing their young in there. As an adult they have provided me with numerous photographs, and recently I have been fascinated by the apparent fact that a line of trees together will all reach the same height. No height envy among trees.

But they do need to cheer the fuck up. Here are some images of trees spreading their misery:

The mental health of trees is often neglected
Some trees claim to be misunderstood

It is too late for this tree to cheer up

A lack of affection are common causes of depression in trees

But seriously, trees do need to cheer the fuck up