The wonder of it all

Choosing the next image is easy. This is a shot that just appeared before me as I was travelling on the Narita Airport Express into Tokyo, last year. Having just landed and being in awe of the city appearing on either side of me it was this beautiful little girl who was lost in thought looking out the window in front of me which captured me. As we rushed passed, Tokyo reflected in her eyes, making me think, was this her first time in Tokyo; was she as in awe of it as I was? Or was she just bored and staring into space? I will let you decide. Me, I was in awe. Tokyo had resided in my imagination for years. Built-up images of this mega-city and its people were soon to be confronted with the actual reality of the city. I will never forget seeing  what must have been a radio tower  piercing through a cloud, its tall spire reaching up to the sky and the white cloud hovering its mid-section like an inflatable water toy. It actually frightened me a little.

I took nearly a thousand iPhone images while in Tokyo. This is one of my favourites.

The wonder of it all [Tokyo, Japan]