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September 18 2014

Bringing this series to a close with a departing shot of a passerby on a bicycle. Taking photographs is more than a hobby; it documents my life. This series is special to me. Looking through the images the sense of not wanting the moment to end is so strong for me. I knew that my time in Shibuya was coming to an end and I wanted to soak it in as much as I possibly could.

This is now, this is where I am, I remember saying to myself seeing the intersection of the Shibuya Scramble Crossing cleared of traffic. I am in Tokyo! Japan! For an instant, the deserted zebra crossing appeared calm, the brilliant white starkly contrasted against the black. It was late night. The green man flashed and the swelling surge of people began to move. Unable to resist, I moved with them. I got to the centre of the crossing and just stopped. Causing an obstacle for others, they waltzed around me. The loud hum of their conversations and the beat of their passing filled the air. I stayed there until the green man started flashing and the last few pedestrians hurried to get across. Eventually, I was alone in the centre of the crossing. A silence descended. On all sides of me cars, taxis, motor bikes, trucks, every sort of vehicle were readying to go. I had to move. But this was the moment. Pause was pressed. I even rewound a little and paused again to take it all in. This is now, this is where I am, I was saying to myself. This is Tokyo! This is the Shibuya Scramble Crossing. My breathing quickened and I scanned the options. If I stayed a second longer, this moment would not become a memory, it would become my last. The traffic, at first edging, was now pushing forward with intent. I ran. Seconds later, catching my breath, I leant on the pole of a street light and the traffic rushed past, but I was not watching it. Already, I was recalling the moment that had just passed. Already reliving it.


Pressing pause in Shibuya


Here is a colour photo taken with the iPhone of the crossing. Night is falling and the neon lights up. I like the simplicity of this photograph.


Stopping time in Shibuya


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September 5 2014

It is reckoned that anything up to two thousand people can cross the Shibuya Scramble Crossing at peak time when the green men signal. Two thousand people! That is the size of many small towns in Ireland. Two thousand people all on the move at the same time. And two thousand more will follow. It is a sight to behold seeing the crowds swell as they wait to traverse the crossing. I just love it.

On my last night in Tokyo, I spent a couple of hours hanging around the crossing taking photographs. I did not want the night to end. I did not want to leave Tokyo. Here is another photograph I shot from that night. Black and white again. Thanks for all the kind words on the previous series of three!


Seen in Shibuya

The iPhone photograph gives a flavour of the crossing with the crowds crossing.


Seen in Shibuya

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September 4 2014

Coming to final image in the series of three and this one is different to the other two in that the moment has passed. The once excited and animated character and I have passed each other. Once passed, I turn and shoot one more shot of him. He pulls his coat shut around him, lowers his head, slows his walk and heads towards Shibuya station. I glance through the three images on the display and immediately know that I like the three shots.

I think they look good together and am posting the three here. Thanks to all for the very generous feedback and comments.


Tokyo Nights


Tokyo Nights [2]


Tokyo Nights [3]

I had so much fun with the iPhone in Tokyo. It is such a great little camera. It fits so snugly into my hand and you can get in really close without disturbing or startling people.

This shot today was also taken in Shibuya on that famous crossing I keep going on about. The guy is striking with his neck tattoo and nose ring. So often with these type of candid shots the moment after the photograph is more interesting. Once I had this taken he started laughing at me, talking to me in Japanese and gesturing at the iPhone. When I showed him the photo there was more laughing, more Japanese and then a little bow and off he went. It is great when you can make a connection when out shooting, even if you do not share a common language, photography is a language everyone shares.


What the eyes don’t see

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