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January 8 2015

Back to daily posts. Have been compiling my favourite images of 2014 over the past two weeks or so and arrived at the end of it yesterday. I have to say I am very pleased by the feedback friends and contacts have provided. But time to look forward now and begin to post new images. But there’s the thing. It is not as simple as that. Over Christmas I was looking back at the photographs I go through 2014 and I realised there is still a lot of work there for me. I posted this image to Flickr back in September.


Trypophobic Tokyo

And I knew I had found something new to develop. This resulted in this post on Monday.


Trypophobic Tokyo

And leads on to this post today.


Trypophobic Tokyo [3]

Photography is a great hobby and a hobby must be fun.

And talking of phun! What is more phun than the iPhone? Nothing, I tell you! And to prove it, here is a shot of me having phun with my iPhone.

Trying to see

Trying to see



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2014: My favourite images – December

And on to the final month of the year: December. This will bring a total of 11 images chosen for both DSLR and iPhone. 11 months as I didn’t post anything to Flickr in the month of April. My friend, Michael Veltman, suggested I should choose my favourite image of 2014 to make up the 12 photos for the year. So, tomorrow I will try to choose one image that is my very favourite from 2014. This will not be easy. Maybe you could help me. What is your favourite image of mine in the past 12 months?

In December, I had a short visit to Berlin to attend a conference and in the evenings I got out shooting. One evening I took a walk along one of the main shopping streets – a street whose name I cannot recall. This wonderful building lit up in white stripes to contrast with the black of the building was eye catching and I knew I had to get a few shots of it. I got a few of passersby blurred out as they crossed the intersection in front of it and headed up the street. Passing a black van and seeing how the lights of the store lit up on the side of the van got me thinking and composing. I stood on the side of the street and waited for cars and passersby to come. The results are below. Click on them for the large version. 

16110408705_1312dc22fe_m 15504798754_34e5db7eea_m16117697722_91e43aea3f_m





And in this little series the one I like most is this:




December was probably the best month for images posted to the iPhone account. There are so many that I really like and choosing a favourite from this month is very difficult. I could easily choose any of the following images. Click on them for the large version. 

15817695937_29300432ea_m 15504794114_ec2a85817d_m 16010151365_e0fe4bb312_m






Also, any of these could easily be my favourite:


15464030544_9fdb4b6fa8_m 16136906015_3a97b1608f_m 15810366590_02b5d4cc04_m







But the one which I like most is this taken in Copenhagen. Reflections are another way of seeing and so often they can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary. Any time I see glass or a shiny surface I am looking to see what it reflects. This old and dirty window in Copenhagen had not been cleaned in years and the grime gave such a beautiful texture. All I had to do was wait for someone to enter the scene and in what was a ready-made frame.

Reflections in a forgotten window frame


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2014: My favourite images – September

September saw 58 photographs posted to Flickr. A perfectly even split of 28 to each account. This is probably the hardest month yet to choose a single image. I had the great fortune of getting some good night shots around Shibuya, Tokyo. Is it OK for me to say that I love some of my own images? I think it is. And this short series of three, I just love.


And here are others which sing for me too. 

15079199149_3493fe0679_q 15256029465_26d045687d_q 15245532655_d19cc30338_q






These three are special for me also.

15153032837_3259aedc77_q 15329540795_710b3b812e_q 15315826541_906867dbb5_q


But the image which gets my vote, the one which brings me in and keeps me there is this one. Taken on a rainy day in Tokyo, you can see Tokyo going about its business in the distance through the raindrops on the window.


Of the 28 iPhone images posted to Flickr in September, the one I like most is this one, taken on a wet night in Shinjuku. This girl appeared from around the corner behind me and I had to quickly snap to get her in the frame. It is a lucky shot, not in focus, but who cares about that. This photograph hit Explore number 1, a nice little bonus.





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2014: My favourite images – June

In June, I posted a total of 56 photos to Flickr; perfectly divided into 28 DSLR and 28 iPhone images. So many to choose from.

 Beginning with the iPhone, I am torn between these images – to see them large click through


The man I used to be






Not only trees need to cheer the fuck up







The image I find myself looking at most is Empowerment. I remember I was on my way back to my hotel in Taipei when I came upon this gentleman who was standing still as he read a notice on the closed shutters of a shop. I was struck by his pose and rigidity and the shadow he cast on the shutters. There is something about that image which quietens me and sets me daydreaming.



Of the 28 DSLR images, again it is hard to make a choice between these images – to see them large click through




I sort of want you to stay




What is left is only leaving


because of the times when the last thing you say is the last thing I hear


Nunca sea la ultima, sino la penultima







In the end, the image I am most drawn to is I sort of want you to stay. This was taken in Seoul. With camera ready I was walking around on a cold early spring evening when I walked past this entrance to a bar.  I had passed when I realised that the girl on the phone would make a nice shot. Without time to get the settings right I shot a few frames. As soon as I got the first one, she changed her pose and the scene changed. This photo has been my most popular on Flickr this past year.



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2014: My favourite images – March

March was a good month. I had a day in London and met Mark T. Simmons and had a wonderful conversation about photography, football and life. Also, got the chance to get some photography in and managed to get some shots I liked. Choosing a favourite from March is not an easy thing. I could easily choose this addition to the bokeh heads – or this one. Then there is this nice little image taken in the underground in London, where it appears that people obliged to line up for me. Another I really like is the image of the daffodil against the sun – a photograph I took for my mother as daffodils are her favourite flower. But the one I am going with is this one taken early on a Sunday morning in Cork.

My maxim about photography is: Trying to see what can be seen and how to see it. And reflections are one way to achieve this. Distortions fascinate me. Very often a mundane scene can transform into something unusual when the focus is on its reflection. This image below was like that. The city centre was quiet, as Sunday mornings tend to be. Few cars and few people. I saw this guy approaching the bridge and instinctively I knew a photograph with him passing would be pretty bland. Giving up on the shot, I caught a glance of him reflected in a dirty window and was thrilled to see this shot appear before me. The dirt and grit on the window add to the scene, as do the horizontal lines of the blinds. The spiral of the Holy Trinity church can be seen in the background and the passerby strides past.




I put together a series of images I got on the iPhone from London. You can check them out here. March was a good month for the iPhone too. I was very surprised when an RTE (Irish national broadcaster) journalist – Glen Mulcahy –  contacted me wanting to do a short film on my iPhone work. I was delighted with the excellent short film he made. You can check it out here and read about my reaction to it here.

Choosing an image for the iPhone is not easy either. There are so many to choose from, but the one I have to choose is that of my little girl, Sumi-Anna. Another image taken as she walks away from me. This one has a dreamy feel to it.




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2014: My favourite images – February

You got to love yourself is the title I gave to this photograph which looking back at February is my preferred from that month. I took it on a cold Sunday morning. Reflections always catch me. I love that they present different ways of seeing. This man reflects in a cafe window; a cafe that caused much controversy when it opened. The reason being is that it was built right in front of the entrance to a city centre park and resulted in obscuring the view of the decorative and old entrance. It was a stupid place to locate it.



When I started this blog a couple of years back my objective was simple – I wanted to write. Nothing gives me more pleasure than writing but I tend to write in spurts. I have so much archived away – short stories, poems, essays. I needed to begin to write and felt a blog would be a good way to do it. Maybe, I don’t know. I still have not done it consistently or done the hard part – rewriting. Maybe 2015 will be the year.

My preferred iPhone image from February is one that I wrote a short accompanying text to. I will let it there and you can read it and take what you will from it.

photo (6)

We sat in the car, neither of us driving, each sat at our own window. The rain and its drops ran on mine and through yours the wind it whistled until you yourself wound it closed. Try as we might we never would reconcile the rain and the wind, but that car, it brought us both to where we are now.


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December 11 2014

Closing the series on Copenhagen today. It has been a nice ride and might revisit it later on. Thanks to all for the wonderful positive feedback on the images I have posted here.

Here is one of the first images I took on that sunny Saturday afternoon in Copenhagen. There is very little processing on this. I like the older woman looking off into the distance. We started with a young woman and close with an older one. From black and white to colour also. You can see the full set of images here.

Closing Copenhagen

Closing Copenhagen

And this image is one I really like; simple and to the point. It has the ubiquitous bike and that wonderful burnt orange paint on the brick of the houses. You can see the full set of iPhone images from Copenhagen here.



Copenhagen – wonderful. Definitely a place I would like to revisit! Thanks to all.

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December 10 2014

Just discovered this is my 250th blog post. Wow! Thanks to all who come and read my musings and look at my photos.

Coming to an end with photographs from my October trip to Copenhagen. Without doubt, for me, this has produced some of my most favourite photography. I was very lucky with the sunlight and also having a bicycle allowed me to get out and about and see much more of the city than I could ever have managed if I had only been walking.

The iPhone image is one I really love. When I approached from the rear of this statue I knew exactly what it reminded me of – my bokeh heads. How cool! It is in fact a statue of Atlas with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Poor Atlas – reminds me of myself at times. This image has been brought to you by Snapseed.

We carry it with us

We carry it with us

And as we near the end of Copenhagen images how appropriate there should be one of a cyclist. What a wonderful city Copenhagen is! Being a bike enthusiast Copenhagen for me is heaven.

This image is brought to you by Lightroom.



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November 21 2014

Photographs which always get my attention are those of people looking at art in art galleries. I love the dynamic of how the art engages the viewer and how intimately personal it is. I have created galleries and galleries of photographs of this kind on Flickr. Check here and here and here and here.  For me there is something really beautiful about images like this. I can’t put my finger on why, but then I don’t need to. I just like it.

While in Copenhagen, I cycled out of town to an art gallery, whose name escapes me at the moment. It was a small building, housing a small collection of art. I like to visit galleries when I travel and usually try to find smaller ones. When there I love the opportunity to create images of people looking at the art. At times, looking at art  reminds me of how I feel when I see images of disaster and tragedy on television news; I know I should be feeling something, that I should react to what I am seeing, but I feel nothing. And from this nothingness comes a shallow feeling of shame. How can I see suffering and pain and not feel anything? Looking at art, can be like that and it can be compounded when you read the description which goes a little like this:

This piece questions the characterisation of the use of quotidian occurrences in a chaotic landscape of middleclass lives in which the participants’ own realisation plays an integral, albeit, disassociated role. Honestly! WTF!?

I have always believed that the art I view is mine. Once the creator passes it over for consumption, the interpretation is entirely mine. The creator retains ownership of the vehicle, but ceases to own the meaning conveyed. Whatever I get from engaging with the art, is the art’s intention. If I feel nothing, then that is OK. Art is a trigger that triggers other triggers. We all perceive and process things differently. Art is reception, not delivery.

Here is one of my own images of someone looking at art. I observed this man as he was looking at a white wall with scribbles and scrawls on it. Next to him was a step ladder. The description of the piece was written in Danish. I do not know what the artist intended and did not care. I liked how the man, when blurred out, seems to become part of the another image. The step ladder is a curious prop.

I write these blog posts in a very short time. Often, I feel it would be better to write these and then rewrite them. However, time is an issue.


People looking at art


With the iPhone image, I am still on Stroget. I cannot believe how many images I got on that afternoon that I like. It is so very unusual to have so many images that I like from a short time frame. Thanks to all for the kind comments on this series.




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November 18 2014

Continuing with Copenhagen and the stroll down Nyhavn on a gloriously sunny Sunday evening. Like any picturesque spot, people gather to relax, take in the sights and people watch. I do my people watching via a lens. The two shots I am posting today are similar with both showing young people kicking back and having some fun. First is DSLR and second is iPhone.


Three’s a crowd


Two’s company



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