She puts them in bags in the clouds

Sleeping homeless man in Busan, Korea.
Sleeping homeless man in Busan, Korea.

The photo below is a coloured-in version of a previous upload. See it above.
This was taken in early April in Busan, South Korea. I was in a public park. Alert to photographic opportunities. This man was sleeping; sleeping soundly. I sat beside him. Surveyed the scene and built confidence to photograph him as he slept.
I took one more of his hands which he clasped together, in restful repose. See it below.


When I viewed the image I saw the tear running from his eye. This week I was looking through older images, running them through different processing. This one seemed perfect.

Tooth Fairy Infidelities
Tooth Fairy Infidelities

This week, when in work my wife sent me a text message with a photograph attached. The photograph was of my little girl with her mouth wide open, wide in glee. Her first tooth had fallen out. Her eyes too were fully open in wonder.
I was walking along when the text message came through, but seeing the image, seeing her excitement at this step in her life, stopped me in my tracks. My little girl, my baby girl lost her first tooth. An adult tooth will come and replace it.
That night the tooth fairy came and took her little baby tooth and in its place left a shiny coin; a coin which upon discovery elicited a scream in the early morning.
“Did it hurt you when the tooth came out?”
“NO! it just fell out, well into my mouth and then I spitted it out. The hole, look at the hole. I can put my tongue through it. Do you think the tooth fairy was watching me when it fell out? How could she see my mouth in the dark? What does she do with all the teeth, Daddy?”
“I don’t know lovey, what do you think she does with them?”
“I think she puts them in bags in the clouds.”
” In the clouds?”
” Ya, or maybe she makes little crowns with them to wear when she goes to parties.”
” Does the tooth fairy go to parties”
” Of couse she does. Look, look I can put my tongue through the hole.”