From Hong Kong to Seoul

And on it goes. From Hong Kong to Seoul. From one big city to another. I had intended to step back from Flickr when I came home from the trip and try to categorise and organise all the photos I took, but I find myself retracing my steps chronologically and it is nice to experience the journey in this way.

I have been criticised for not processing the series of images in a uniform way and that having a mix of colour with black and white results in the colours being less vivid and the black and white being dull. I struggle with this, to be honest. I see the benefits of having a series either in all colour or all black and white, but sometimes images reveal more in one form or the other. Perhaps, at the end of all this I will select a few to present the series and pack them all up in the same box in either colour or black and white.
For now, I am reminiscing and enjoying it, each day selecting an image (both iPhone and DSLR) in a chronological sequence.
Here are two images of sleeping people in Seoul. Life in Asia is hard. People sleeping in public is a common sight and can be even regarded as commendable in that it is interpreted that they have expended so much energy dedicating themselves to their work that they succumb to exhaustion.
The golden man was in the Seoul Museum of Modern Art. I heard him before I saw him.
Hope you like them! Thanks to those who left comments on my previous post. It is great to get a conversation going and to learn from each other. Let me know in the comments below about today’s post.
sleeping in seoul
Sleeping in Seoul
Golden Dreams
Golden Dreams