– Is it easier to forget or to remember? I said
– Is it easier to forget or to remember? He said. Why are you asking?
– To forget seems much easier. I mean, we don’t even to have to try, things just slip away. but we have to try to remember things, don’t we?
– You ask the strangest things, he said. The strangest things.
– How do you know? Are your trying to remember other things, other strange things I have asked you. I said.
– No. He said. You just do.
– Maybe you forget the normal things, the not-strange things I have asked you. I said.
– You don’t ask normal things. He said. They are always weird.
– No, they’re not. I said.
– OK. He said. It must be easier to forget. It has to be, he said, otherwise our heads, our heads would just explode.
– Would they? I said. So, I said, what is the difference between forgetting and remembering? Can we choose to forget? I don’t think so.
– Give me an example? He said.
– An example? OK. Things that make you happy; what are they?
– Things that make me happy? What has that got to do with remembering or forgetting? He said.
– See!
– See what? He said.
– You have to remember. You have forgotten. I said.
– No. No, I haven’t. He said.
– So…
– OK. What makes me happy? What makes me happy? Ehm… He said.
– How about what was the last thing to make you happy? I said.
– The last thing? The last thing was… it was…Ya, got it. Waking up this morning and knowing I did not need to get out of bed to get to work. That made me happy. And as for something that made me sad, well not sad, but that just fucking irritated me. He said. The last thing to irritate me…
– Ya, I know, I know. I am irritating you. I said. But stay with me. What was the last thing you forgot?
– I forgot. How do I know what I forgot if I have forgotten it. He said.
– Maybe it is something you realized that you had forgotten when you remembered it.
– Right, OK. He said. Waking up and realising that I did not have to get out of bed made me happy. I had forgotten that, then I remembered it.
– So, is it easier to forget or to remember?
– Well, I can tell you. I can tell you that I won’t forget this conversation and I won’t forget how fucking annoying you are.
– Easier to forget, so is it? I said.
– I’m trying to remember why the fuck it is that I spend time with you. He said.
– I never forget that. I said.
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