February 3 2015

One of my best friends passed away today. He was someone who loved life and loved to share it. I learned a lot from him. One time, when I was heartbroken and afraid as I faced into the unknown, he sent me a message saying:

“It is better to forget and be happy, than remember and be sad.”

It jolted me and propelled me forward, kissing that future. Six months passed before I saw him again, but in that time I’d got over my heartbreak and had many adventures. He travelled to see me and we spent 10 days out gallivanting, enjoying life, having the craic. Happy memories. Events conspired in such a crazy way during those ten days that had he not been with me then I would never have met my future wife two months later. How strange life can be!

That message he sent me arrived at the right time and had the right affect on me. Now, with him gone, I think of it. I know I will never forget him, but I will be happy when I remember him.

With love always, Liam. Love always.

Sun softly soothing
On the right side of always