Cork versus Kerry

I won’t get into the match. The less said about it, the better. Suffice to say the little boy in me who dreamed of Cork beating Kerry in Fitzgerald’s Stadium yesterday left the stadium with about 10 minutes still to go in the game as Kerry strolled past an awful Cork team.

But winning isn’t everything as they say. Usually they say this only when you lose. I never say it when we win. But, no, yesterday was about being with friends, catching up. I drove down with a good friend who was home from Australia and who wanted to bring his two kids to their first Munster Final. It was great just to be with them.
Down in Killarney I met up with Tim Bingham and we shot the streets for about an hour before the game began.
Thirsty supporters need their beer. (shot on iPhone 7)
Two confident Kerrymen. (shot on iPhone 7)
(shot on iPhone 7)
Two Kerry lassies. (shot on iPhone 7)
An always-confident Cork fan. (shot on iPhone 7)
A cheerful Cork fan. (shot on iPhone 7)
A barber’s delight. (shot on iPhone 7)
Another delight for a barber. (shot on iPhone 7)
A Kerry fan. (shot on iPhone 7)
A Kerry lassie. (shot on iPhone 7)
Beautiful red hair. (shot on iPhone 7)
Making memories. (shot on iPhone 7)
Some of the crowd. (shot on iPhone 7)
Careful now! (Shot on iPhone 7plus)
That is a big plaster. (shot on iPhone 7 plus)

The lads. (shot on iPhone 7plus)

Shot on iPhone 7plus
An 99. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)
Some pre-match entertainment (shot on iPhone 7plus)
Some food before throw-off. (Shot on iPhone 7 plus)
A family day out. (shot on iPhone 7 plus)
Game on! (shot on iPhone 7plus)
All to play for. (shot on iPhone 7plus)
The crowd. (Shot on iPhone 7plus)
Kerry lording it over Cork. (Shot on iPhone 7Plus)