And we are back doing mobile photography workshops in person

A mobile photography workshop in person? In Dublin? In a gallery?  With a photo walk around the city? Getting great photographs?

Learn how to take great shots on your smartphone

Is that a thing? 

Well, before COVID it was.

I used to do smartphone workshops regularly with the Gallery of Photography – which has now become the Photo Museum of Ireland – and I am really excited to say that after more than 2 and a half years, I will be back in Dublin for my first face-to-face mobile photography workshop on Saturday, October 2nd. 

So, if you are looking to learn new skills and to learn all that that great smartphone camera you carry around you – ya, it’s a phone too – then click here – discover all the day has to offer – and join me for a great mobile photography workshop. 

When is it on: Saturday, October 8th from 11am to 5 pm

Where: Photo Museum of Ireland, Dublin

Learn how to take images like this with your smartphone