Abundant goodwill

For many reasons, I love the photograph I have chosen as one of my personal favourite iPhone photographs for today. The funny thing is I do not recall taking the photograph. I know it is in Tokyo, most probably in the sprawling underground that lies beneath the city. When I was there I spent so much time just people watching. In a city of over 30 million there can be few better places on the planet for this. I would find myself carried along in the swell and rush of people. Many times, while I was there I got lost. The labyrinth-like underground with its numerous exits require alertness. But Tokyo underground is a great place to get lost. Without doubt Tokyo is the safest city I have ever been in. The people are courteous and kind. One time, getting  the subway back to Shibuya, I got off and missed my exit for my hotel and before I knew I had walked quite a distance in the wrong direction. Needing to find my way back I stopped a young guy to ask for help. He had limited English, but abundant goodwill. Despite having been going in the opposite direction, this young man walked with me all the way back to the famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing, a landmark which I used to locate my hotel. This walk took about ten minutes. Having thanked him, I watched as he walked back in the direction we had come from. I was so struck by his kindness.

So, today’s image comes from Tokyo. If you ever get the chance to go there, grab that chance.