179 words

+ When you left, when you left him, did you know it was forever? 
– When I met him, the first time, when he walked into the room, it was like the first time I had ever seen a man. And when his eyes met mine, it was as if he had given me the gift of sight. The gift to see, to see him. But ya, the longer you look the more that is revealed, and the more that gets concealed, you know.
– I never thought I would leave. I feared he would leave me, of course. Why wouldn’t he? So, did I know it was forever? What is forever?
What is forever? I mean, not to go back? To stay apart.
– Apart? Never. Never apart. He is never distant from me. We are never separate. I carry him everywhere. Does it weigh? Does it burden me? No. But to answer your question – not go back? Back to him, always. Back to us, to what we were, always. Back to what I left, never.

What is forever?