The World in Photographs


T o k y o

There is no city in the world like Tokyo. It electrifies you with excitement. I absolutely love it.


Intense, overwhelming, and relentless. India is an assault on the senses. I spent two weeks there in July, 2016. Delhi, Ladakh, Varanasi and Mumbai. Need to return.
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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the world's greatest cities. It has it all. Some of the world's greatest architecture, food and so much to capture for photographers.
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Seoul. Every time I am here I marvel at how huge this great city is, but still it is one of the best for street photography.
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It's true what they say about Copenhagen: It is wonderful and I got my most famous photograph in the city.
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The prize for winning the Mira International Mobile Photography Competition 2015 was an all-expenses paid trip to Porto. I could not have won a better prize. What a beautiful city, people and climate. Check my blog for my travel article on it.

The People's Republic of Cork

I get to travel to some great places in the world, but there is no feeling like coming home.


I lived here in the 1980s and have returned many times and every time I love it. Great people and a great city.
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What a great city Berlin is. Steeped in history, you cannot help but love this city.


Taiwan's capital. I spent time here in April 2014.
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Hanoi and Ha Long Bay

There are few places on this planet to match the serene beauty of Ha Long Bay and also few to match the frenetic pulse of Vietnam's capital, Hanoi.