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2014: My favourite images – October

October saw me visit Copenhagen for the first time and how I loved the visit. It is one the coolest cities I have ever been to. The people are calm, friendly and also very cool. In the week I was there I managed to get in as much shooting as possible and had some good fortune while doing so. Having cycled all my life, Copenhagen was a delight for me. The guy who I was renting an apartment from left me use of his bike for the week. This allowed me to get around the city with ease and to see as much as possible in a short time.

I really do not think I have ever visited anywhere and come back with so many images that I liked. With the DSLR, I loved these images taken on a sunny evening on the main shopping street in Copenhagen. You can click through to see the large images.







But the image which I like more than any that I got in Copenhagen has no recognisable features that can link it to the city of Copenhagen. It is a classic bokeads image. I have been doing fewer and fewer of those in recent times, and I do think it is something I need to get back to. I gave this one the title of “The weight of other people”. There is a theme of loneliness in these images, a yearning to be able to hide; hide from others and hide mainly from ourselves.  Other people should keep us buoyant. If they don’t, cut them loose.


As I was saying, I was so pleased with the images I got in Copenhagen and those shot with the iPhone were also great. Here are some of my favourites – you can click through to see the large images.







But the one I like most (even more than this one) again has no recognisable features of Copenhagen, but it is my favourite.



Only two months to go! What will be my overall favourite from 2014?



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People looking at art

There Is No Abstract Artinsect-a-sideconfront02confrontationsfototentoonstelling~ walking around at the museum ~
always read the fine printDroste-effectLee Miller by Man ray at the NPGCandid SquareOde to Psychesummer solstice
Rainy Sunday Afternoon (B&W)Huis Marseille; Photo Museum AmsterdamGestalttableausound & visionDominic Nahr...

looking at art, a gallery on Flickr.

When Flickr first introduced galleries, I began to curate. Naturally, blur became prominent, but the ones I keep returning to are photographs of people looking at art. I have ten galleries of these.
What is it about images like these that appeals to me? I like the moment of quietness, of contemplation, of trying to see what can be seen.
Hope you like them too.

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Am really honoured to have been asked by Mark T Simmons to write about ‘the photograph I am most proud of’ for the wonderful mobiography website. I am really pleased to have been given this opportunity. Thanks again. You can see the image and read about it here.

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It is always great pleasure to look through the blur will save the world group. The standard of blur photography there is amazing. Here are 6 of those which grabbed my attention in the past few weeks. Thanks to the amazing photographers for posting and sharing, and of course, inspiring.



To see more of these artists great work, click through. From left to right – kim by the water – kokorage – alexbworld – zanimo (away) – Sharon Reid2010 – yell saccani

Blur music

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6 Superosity favourites

Hello to all. Not posted a selection of my favourites from my Flickr group Superosity for a while. Looking through the pool this 6 stood out for me. Thanks to all the photographers who post to the group. If you click on the links below, you can get to their streams. Thanks.


6 Superosity Favourites

Thanks to the great photographers for sharing their work. From left to right – StephenCairns – Dave Hoefler – cedric blanchon – Sarah Jarrett – Dan Cronin^ – kaniths

And some music to wash it all down with.

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Bountiful Blur

Neglected blur is never a good thing. You got to nurture it, make it feel loved. And in that spirit here are four I love. The group has many more that I am sure you will love. Get over there and save the world. It needs saving….


Bountiful blur

These are the four photographers – Red Lipgloss – GabyLopez – Marianna Di Ferdinando – serap günay Make sure to check out the rest of their streams – you will love them.


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Best of Blur will save the world (Jan. 20)

As I am writing, I discover that there are now exactly 7,500 images in the group pool of Blur will save the world. 7,500! That means I have either invited these images or added them to the group in the pending images queue. I have seen them all.

Seven thousand five hundred blur images. Yoo hoo!

Of the three groups I have on Flickr, this one is, without doubt, my favourite. I police submissions with vigour, selecting only images that are fully blurred, discarding accidental blur and selective focus (there are occasional exceptions to this). Blur for me is a decision that a photographer makes to distort the main focus of the image. A decision which later gives the viewer all rights to recreate, even correct, this distortion. It also leads to a high quality of accepted images.

Anyway, enough of my guff. Here are my favourites from this week. Follow the links below to see more from these photographers. Thanks to all for sharing and supporting.

Blur will save the world

Blur will save the world

Thanks to all. To see more from these photographers, click through. From left to right –

– Punkrocker* – *katz – Ade Santora – RiaPereira – here and there  – Shiingo – Marianne Ellis – mutablend (mostly off)   – Christopher A. Dominic – michael.veltman

And it would not be Sunday without some Sunday music. Hit play and get yourself over to Blur will save the world and enjoy the blur. You know you want to!

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