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December 24 2014

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Christmas. Thanks for all the visits and support.

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas



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August 31 2014

The summer is coming to an end, although for the past few weeks my daughter has been telling me summer is over and for the past few days is asking “Now, do you believe me?” Sadly, yes. The temperature has dropped a little and there has been more rain, but it was a super-good summer. Blue skies all the way. Tomorrow she starts back to school and it all begins again.

I am continuing with the colourful blurred images of the side street in Dublin. The bright red of the wall makes for a fine backdrop. Like most of the mini-series of images I post to Flickr, I will probably only show about three and then move on to something new. I still have some images to show from Tokyo and a few more from Korea. Then I will try to package those images into a coherent set. The plan is to do a book of the images from the trip to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan of this year. The plan is for two books; one DSLR and one iPhone.

So for today, let red be the colour to guide you.



I got out on the streets in Dublin a few weeks back and got some images I like. The one I am posting to Flickr today is a selfie. I was trying to get a shot of a guy drinking a pint in a pub. Cliche shot, I know. Pointing the camera at him, I saw myself and did not bother to refocus. Why do I take photographs? To understand what I see and how I see myself in it all, I guess. This photo connects these two concepts and it also makes me realise I have such a long way to go in the process.

photo (8)

Trying to see what can be seen and how to see it

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Chicago Center for Literature and Photography

Very pleased to have been asked to do a feature for Chicago Center for Literature and Photography. Along with the photographs they selected, there is a short interview and one of my very short stories in there. Some of the photographs they chose surprised me, to be honest. But it is always interesting to see what others find interesting.
They asked me to give them a headshot or a selfie. I struggled with that, to be honest. As you all know, I do not post photographs of myself here, but last Friday I set myself to the task and the results are below. Like many things, I did not intentionally set out to take a self-portrait like this. I was sitting at my computer thinking how can I do this. I began to use the iMac’s Photo Booth, but was not happy with the results. I have my computer by the window and on this morning the sun was streaming through the blinds, resulting in streaks of light hitting the computer, the wall behind and my face when I turned to look out. I got the iPhone out, powered up Instagram, reversed the camera, lowered my head, raised my eyes and snapped and apped and the result is below. Then, intrigued, I got out the DSLR. That big, bulky beast and tried the same. It was not as easy this time, however. A lot of hit and miss, but one or two that I liked. The black and white one below is one of those.

This is the first time I have ever posted a photograph of myself on my Flickr stream. It is like sending a kid off to school on their own for the first time.  I don’t think there will be many more.
A big thanks to all for your continued support and inspiration.

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It kind of followed that today I would post a photograph of myself, albeit a reflection in a mannequin. I took this on a photo walk around Cork on Sunday morning last. As you can see I have the weighty DSLR hanging in front of me and the fun iPhone taking the shot. I like the mannequin’s head. It reminds me of a bokeh head and you know how much I love those.



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