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November 30 2014

Very often I am asked if people ever react badly to taking their photograph on the street. The answer is that it is very rare. I have developed a sense for those whose pictures I can take and those who it is better to avoid. Also, most of the time I am discreet and tend to capture candid moments. I always try to be respectful and non-intrusive. If there is an exchange with someone, I will show them the image I have taken and again it rare that they ask me to delete the image. The Bruce Gilden types who think it is cool to pounce on people, blind them with a flash and snap the reaction and call it art, I just do not get. Gilden does it well, but the wannabes who try to imitate him need to be rounded up and reconditioned.

This image of a couple kissing I took when I was cycling around Malmo – a short 25 minute train journey from Copenhagen. I saw them embracing from a distance and as I approached on the bike they were still in each other’s arms. Instinctively, I had the iPhone ready to snap and did a cycle-by shoot, capturing their embrace. I got two images. Pocekted the iPhone and cycled on. When I was about a hundred metres beyond them I glanced around and saw that guy was running after me with his arm extended and appeared ready to launch whatever was in his hand at me. Thankfully, when he saw me looking at him, he refrained. I cycled on. Later, as I was cycling around I was a little anxious in case I would bump into the guy again. Clearly, he was not happy with my taking their photograph when they were in an intimate moment. But the thing was with each couple I saw I was not sure if it was my guy. I could not remember what he looked like and had to check the phone to see. Fortunately, I did not bump into him again. I wonder what he was trying to launch at me.



Convinced [2]

Convinced [2]

Here is another image taken as I was cycling around, this time in Copenhagen. This street, near the train station, had a lot of down and outs, poor people down on their luck. There seemed to be a lot of strung-out junkies. When I first cycled up the street I saw this fat man doubled over, his head bobbing as he struggled to stay upright on the bench he was sitting on. With the passing traffic it was difficult to get a shot of the scene. I waited until I was cycling back down the street. He was still there, still struggling to balance on the bench.




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September 1 2014

My little girl went back to school today. She is in first class now and with each year that passes (this is her third year in primary school) they seem to add kilos on to her schoolbag. Why are kids’ schoolbags so heavy? She nearly topples over when she puts it on her back.

But you are not here to read about the struggles my little girl has with her schoolbag. Are you? I don’t know. Leave me a comment below to let me know why you are here.

The two photographs I am posting to Flickr today follow on in the style of many others I have posted before. The DSLR one is a heavily processed image to reduce the character to nothing more than a bubble head (bokeh head – honestly, what should I call these) and the swell of his chest. It is a playful, fun image the result of much sliding in Lightroom. This one  did not elicit a positive response when I showed my wife last night and she usually is a good judge of these things, but I like it. Hope you do too.


A holiday from myself

This iPhone image was taken in Dublin a few weeks back. I saw this guy, not dressed for summer, approaching. Now, I am no Bruce Gilden and the very thought of hoisting a camera and a flash to photograph someone is too confrontational for my liking. I find it easier and less intrusive to have the iPhone at chest height level and get as close as I can to the subject and then release. It allows for a more natural, candid result. I think the flash-in-face style is an intervention by the photographer; an unnecessary one. Of course, there are some excellent results achieved by those who practise this style, but for me, it is not natural. It is too manufactured and confrontational. But in saying that some of the results these guys get can be spectacular. They always make me think that a shot just after the flash and snap would be interesting, as this one would be a less non-instigated reaction.

photo (10)

A man for all seasons

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