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September 1 2014

My little girl went back to school today. She is in first class now and with each year that passes (this is her third year in primary school) they seem to add kilos on to her schoolbag. Why are kids’ schoolbags so heavy? She nearly topples over when she puts it on her back.

But you are not here to read about the struggles my little girl has with her schoolbag. Are you? I don’t know. Leave me a comment below to let me know why you are here.

The two photographs I am posting to Flickr today follow on in the style of many others I have posted before. The DSLR one is a heavily processed image to reduce the character to nothing more than a bubble head (bokeh head – honestly, what should I call these) and the swell of his chest. It is a playful, fun image the result of much sliding in Lightroom. This one  did not elicit a positive response when I showed my wife last night and she usually is a good judge of these things, but I like it. Hope you do too.


A holiday from myself

This iPhone image was taken in Dublin a few weeks back. I saw this guy, not dressed for summer, approaching. Now, I am no Bruce Gilden and the very thought of hoisting a camera and a flash to photograph someone is too confrontational for my liking. I find it easier and less intrusive to have the iPhone at chest height level and get as close as I can to the subject and then release. It allows for a more natural, candid result. I think the flash-in-face style is an intervention by the photographer; an unnecessary one. Of course, there are some excellent results achieved by those who practise this style, but for me, it is not natural. It is too manufactured and confrontational. But in saying that some of the results these guys get can be spectacular. They always make me think that a shot just after the flash and snap would be interesting, as this one would be a less non-instigated reaction.

photo (10)

A man for all seasons

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August 29 2014

I got to say how great it was for my little girl to get all the comments and birthday wishes on her photo yesterday. She absolutely loved it! Thanks to all.

Today’s post takes us back from Korea and lands us in Dublin, but the reality is that the photograph could be anywhere. I imagine these types of photographs are the ones I am most recognised for. It is an ongoing thing and I am never fully satisfied with them, which is probably why I still seek these out and still post them on Flickr. In saying that, the one today I particularly like. Working on it last night a few words came as I processed it. You can see a collection of other photographs like this here. 


The effort I put into forgetting – and the ease you find in reminding – makes me think we are not best suited

A colour splash for the iPhone image. Again taken in Dublin a few weeks back. How could I resist not shooting a few frames with this delightful backdrop. Standing in the middle of the pedestrian street with the iPhone up and snapping, this tall and skinny individual (tall and skinny people make for the best images of people in motion) walked into the frame. I saturated it up in Snapseed.

photo (5)

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