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There is no place I know of that engenders excitement in me* like airports. They are a true marvel of the modern world. In the space of a few short hours you can, almost magically, be transported from one side of the world to the other. How truly brilliant. And then there is wonder of seeing people from the four corners of the world all in transit if you are in a big airport like Amsterdam’s Schipol, for example.

In April of this year, I was in transit on my way to Nuremberg via Amsterdam. Inspired by a Flickr contact’s ( Mimo) recent images from an airport, I had the idea to get a low-down perspective shot of people on those travelators they have. You know the ones you step on to and you do not even have to take a step; you are just carried along. Standing on this travelator in Amsterdam’s Schipol airport, I was caught by the figure in front of me and how cool he looked travelling along this same travelator as I was on. I repositioned the bag I was carrying, so that it would not create an obstacle  and got down on my knees, turned the iPhone upside, placed my finger on the button and snapped. Later, I ran it through Instagram and rotated. The result is a very low-down perspective. You can see more of these I posted on my iPhone Flickr account.

Funny how things can change. In August of last year, my good Flickr friend, Mark T Simmons asked me to do a feature of the photo I am most proud of for the excellent mobiography website and I chose this image. I still love that shot, but now a few months later, I would choose the shot below as my favourite for April. I love the feeling of losing control, of inevitability that the shot creates. Do you agree?



* To be honest, I must say that there is nothing to match the feeling of seeing the light appear through at the top of the steps from the tunnels of some of the very big GAA stadiums in Ireland. The wall of noise and sea of colour that meets you and the knowledge that in the next hour and half or so there will be a ferocious spectacle of skill and courage is unmatchable in terms of sheer excitement. Airports are a little more serene in comparison.

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Moving on to April. I was on a short trip to Germany and Luxembourg in April. When time permitted I got out and about to take some photos. I arrived in Luxembourg late afternoon and after checking into the hotel, I headed out to explore. It was early April and winter still had its clutches on spring. A bitter wind was blowing through the town and I was freezing. To compound this, by the time I arrived in the old town it had become deserted. Store owners had shut for the night and shoppers had deserted the centre. I wandered around in the freezing cold hoping to get a few shots.

Luxembourg has fine, splendid pedestrianised shopping streets. The world’s biggest and most elite stores line the streets. It is sedate, and even more so when night begins to fall. The shot I have chosen for April is one I titled Rebel Pedestrians. This group of five who were wandering the emptied streets of downtown Luxembourg. Had they not been told to vacate after six p.m?

The shot is processed in Lightroom. The heads are created with Lightroom’s clone tool. From my little trip to Luxembourg, I would have a number of shots in this style. Hope you are liking the review. Am I choosing images you would choose? What would your favourites of mine be?



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