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Shot on iPhone 6

They say the best camera is the one you always have with you, and that has to be the iPhone. Some of my favourite photographs were shot on iPhone 6. Which is your favourite?
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iPhone 6s

Recently upgraded to the iPhone 6S. These are some of the shots I have made. The macro shots were created with the Olloclip macro lens.
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This Tokyo Night

This is a series of photographs shot on one night in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. Shibuya is one of the busiest locations in the metropolis that is Japan’s capital. The iconic Shibuya Scramble Crossing sees up to two thousand people crossing each time the green man appears. For a street photographer, this is an electric location. The black and white horizontal lines of the zebra crossing and the dark clothes of the passersby allow for a high contrast look to the photographs. Using a Nikon D7000, I tried to capture the sense of us all being together in this collision of coincidence; arriving to this point at this time; while at the same time we are alone and heading in different directions from this place. In some of the shots I wanted to accentuate the momentum of movement of the people together and used the zoom burst technique to achieve this.
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Street Photography

Photographs created on the streets of Cork, Tokyo, London, Taipei, Seoul, Berlin, Barcelona, Seoul, and Hanoi.
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Blur Will Save the World

Does everything have to be in focus? I don’t think so. Truth, fact, history, taste, justice, faith, and even love are all blurred. Photography too!
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Kiss the Future

This photography series focuses on our non-negotiable commitment to the future.
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As a photographer, I am always looking for new ways to see. Reflections can both distort and enhance and allow what can sometimes go unnoticed to be seen.
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Always Leaving

This is a series of photographs created with the iPhone and processed with Snapseed, using intentional camera movement to create a fluid, painterly effect to the subjects in the images.

Latest Photographs

You can find a cross section of images I am working on here.